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By: Jonathan M King The Clinch Report

From 2006-2009 California Xtreme Fighting was a steadfast beacon in a sea of shady promotions. Originally under the guidance of Mixed Martial Arts lifer Mike Rush, the promotion flourished for 3 years utilizing some of the best young fighters in the area. Jared Hamman, Brett Cooper, Francisco Rivera, Tony Fergusson, Daniel Hernandez, Ara Muradyan, Jared Papazian, Sevak Magakian and many more all found themselves cutting there teeth under the CXF banner. Many of whom have gone on the UFC and Bellator.

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Derion Chapman (W) v Bobby Sanchez
Sub Triangle Choke 3:12 round 1

Matthew Spencer (W) v Idris Wasi
Sub Arm Bar 2:54 round 1

Keith Cutrone (W) v Edgar Khachatryan
TKO Punches 2:05 round 1

Erik Gonzalez (W) v Shohei Yamamoto
TKO Punches 2:01 round 3

Kyler Phillips (W) v Taylor Alfaro
TKO Punches 2:30 round 1

Joshua Jones (W) v Tigran Grigoryan
TKO Punches 3:45 round 3

Andrii Vasylenko (W) v Brad Robinson
Sub Arm Bar 3:45 round 1

Chase Gibson (W) v A.J. Bryant
Sub Brabo Choke 1:05 round 1

Moses Murrieta (W) v John Gendron
Split Decision 2 rounds

Karen Darabedyan (W) v Pablo Sabori
Sub Guillotine Choke 4:07 round 1

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